Supplements mandatory for weight loss

Ok so really theres only 3 mandatory supplements for weight loss. Quick and easy there are others that are optional if you got the bank, etc. So the first one we recommend is a fat burner. Like the ones you see on tv or in the magazines raspberry ketones, etc. However the fat burner has to contain ephdra. That is the most important part if the fat burning pill does not contain ephdra. You do not buy said pill. Ephdra is a proven fat burner and was recently banned, but it’s been lifted so it’s time to get your hands on a real fat burner.

Ok second mandatory supplement for losing weight is going to be a bcaa. The reason you want a bcaa is because they help keep muscle while burning fat. And the reason for this is because on your diet you’ll be training with an empty stomache so while your training you will take your bcaas before hand elimanting any muscle and burning even more fat wuu.

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